Innovative Outcomes Inc.
Innovative Outcomes Inc.
  • Welcome to Innovative Outcomes Inc.

    Our Goal is to assist you in reaching yours!

    About Us

    Our History

    Our company was formed in 2003, we provide human services to individuals with intellectual disabilities in Denton, TX.   

    We are Denton owned and operated.  Our plan was to always be "right-sized."  

    The right size to provide quality services. 


    The right size to have both owners know all clients and families. 

    The right size to have both owners know all of our staff.

    Our Mission


    Our mission is to enhance the lives of the people we serve and to assist them in achieving their goals.

    We focus on abilities. 

    We listen to dreams.

    We develop person-directed plans.

    We celebrate success… 


    Our Values


    · Quality In All We Do

    · Respect For The People &  Families We Serve

    · Staff Appreciation & 


    · Celebrating Success

    Why Choose Innovative Outcomes

    Focus on Quality Services

    Innovative Outcomes, Inc. understands that the families and individuals we serve want to be valued and to provide direction for the services they receive.  Our goal is to assist the individuals we serve in reaching their goals.

    We do this through a sound interdisciplinary team approach that is driven by the individual served and his/ her family.  Our services are individualized and continually modified to ensure satisfaction.

    Innovative Outcomes' owners are responsible for the day to day activities in our programs.  The company is locally owned and operated in Denton, Texas.  


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